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Land Cruiser inspired custom creations...

Chickworx Inc. is a byproduct of a sixteen year obsession with Toyota's finest 4x4 vehicle, the Land Cruiser.  After growing tired of listening to the rattling of wrenches for miles on end while driving down washboard roads in a BJ42, and after not being able to find a wrench roll made out of anything except cheap plastic in any of the local stores, an industrial grade sewing machine was acquired.  And... nothing but a Toyota manufactured sewing machine would suffice.


Our products are unique, hand made and customized to suit your needs.  If your tool kit consists only of three sets of 10, 12 and 14 mm wrenches, a couple of pliers and a punch - no problem.  We will work with you to make what will work for you.  

We use a variety of heavy duck canvas fabrics and are experimenting with different types of materials to determine suitability and durability for different weather conditions. We are currently sewing with natural, green and black canvas so please specify your colour preference when placing your order. 

Over the past few years we have experimented with other mediums including wood, metal and paper, which has allowed us to offer a wider range of unique products to our clients than previously available.